How to quit sugar addiction without cravings

Quit sugar without cravings

Surely you had felt anxiety and anguish when you heard the words: quit sugar. Most people think that leaving sugar means you will never eat another cupcake in your life or that you will forget how good taste your grandma’s cake was. But quitting sugar is beyond that. Here, you will learn how to quit sugar addiction without cravings!


First of all, let’s define why you always want something sweet. 


Refine sugar produces dopamine in our brain, the principal chemical that can make you an addict. One of the first things we recognize when we are born is the sweet taste because many baby’s formulas have added sugar and the carbohydrates that we consume when babies are sweet.


At this moment, our brain starts to connect sugar and happy moments. It’s like if it hardwired. Our system rewards receive what it needs to produce dopamine and endorphins, which make us feel comfortable and relaxed. 


After that, when we grow up, we usually reward ourselves with sweets, candies, chocolates, smoothies, cakes, or whatever food with refined sugar when we reach a significant achievement or make us feel good when sad.


With all this panoramic, why would you not have sugar cravings?


The good news is: you can quit sugar without cravings. 


How? Read the list below: 


Look for fruits:


These will be your best friends for life if you want to stop your sugar cravings. Especially the first days. Eating fruits will give that sweet taste you’re looking for and will fill your body with vitamins, fiber, and nutrients you need. And, of course, a lot fewer calories.


Eat a lot, but healthy: 


One of the main reasons with searches for sugar is feeling starving. You need to eat well, enough, and healthy to stop this. What do we mean with healthy? : You need carbs (good ones), proteins, and fats (good ones). Mix your foods, eat three times per day, and take your snacks too.


Substitute sugar: 


Fortunately, we have many natural options to substitute refined sugar. You can use dates, organic coconut sugar, monk fruit, or stevia (the best option). 


Take our treatment to quit sugar: 


in Abrahamson, we work with a natural remedy that cleanses and balances the person’s electromagnetic field. In other words, we wash your aura to cut your cravings for added sugar since the root. This makes your sugar detox easier cause you will not fight against urges. 


If you want to know more about our treatment to quit sugar, please click here. 


As you see, there’s always an option. Quitting sugar brings some benefits with it, as: 


  1. A younger skin
  2. More energy 
  3. Weightloss 
  4. Fewer possibilities to develop diabetes 
  5. Fewer possibilities to develop fatty liver 


And the list could be as long as you want. So, are you ready to quit sugar and improve your life? 

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