Natural and herbal remedies to quit smoking. Do they work?

Deciding to quit smoking is the first of many steps to eradicate out from your life this habit. To initiate, you need to know that with this method, you will need no willpower. You will probably run across natural or homemade remedies to help you alleviate smoking anxiety, but… Do they really work? Let’s go over this together. Our method cuts off your urge to smoke. 

The first days without smoking are the most difficult ones given that the withdrawal period starts. During this time, given to the nicotine psychological dependency, you can give in to the enjoyable sensation of smoking one, or twenty, cigarettes. Homemade remedies are focused on producing an enjoyable sensation in the brain, keeping your mouth busy with a tasty flavor, and calming your nerves produced by the smoking urge. Some of these homemade remedies are:

  • Gums. Better if sugar-free. They are the most common for reducing anxiety, keep the mouth busy, salivate and reduce the smoking urge.
  • Valerian tea. This plant’s roots have some oils with a sedative and relaxing effect. This is why it is used for calming nerves, anxiety, and falling asleep. For calming the smoking urge it is especially recommended.
  • Ginger. It stimulates toxin elimination, whether you use it as a tea or chew it. It helps to make disappear the physical need, and also to reduce anxiety and digestive problems related to cigar withdrawal.
  • Pepper and Black Pepper. A pinch of this species reduces the smoking urge, plus it is antioxidant and stimulating, it accelerates the metabolism.
  • Sweets. Too many people think it is a natural thing to gain weight while they quit smoking. But this happens because people use sweets to have something in their mouth so they get some relief from anxiety. However, it is a habit that causes dental damage and can get people a few kilos for overeating sugar to avoid the smoking urge.
  • Natural cigarettes. Without the additives a common cigarette has, they can be made of lettuce, herbs, clove, among other natural ingredients. Ineffective remedies, because they do not take away the habit, nor the psychological dependence but increase the smoking urge. Vaporizers are the same.
  • Green tea. This beverage has a lot of power to reduce stress and it’s effects on your body. 

To relieve anxiety from smoking, a lot of people choose medications such as Champix. Which blocks nicotine receptors but is not recommended for people who are pregnant, have cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, among others. These people are usually the ones who look for a really effective treatment to quit smoking. Besides, champix still introduce nicotine on your body, to prevent the withdrawal symptons, so you are just changing one thing for other. 

To avoid the anxiety you can try this herbal remedies, the are natural and really effective. Meditation is other tool you can use to relieve stress and fight anxiety, There are lots of apps in the app store or play stor (dependes on your smartphone). 

If you have already tried natural remedies to quit smoking and have not reached your goal, we invite you to get to know Abrahamson’s method. With it, you will say goodbye to cigars in just one session. No anxiety, no withdrawal, just comfort, wellbeing, and a complete improvement in your lifestyle.

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