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The founder of the Abrahamson Center is an expert in weaning from addictions and an international lecturer in the field of personal development and self-improvement.

After his military service as a combat medic and instructor, Ehud wondered how to combine these two disciplines together, adding in his love of helping people through treatment.

Ehud studied biology at the University of Tel Aviv, and psychology at the University of Haifa. At the same time, he also studied the field of alternative, holistic medicine.

Abrahamson Center

The Abrahamson Center is a wellness leader helping people overcome chemical addictions. Our three flagship treatments are Smoking Cessation, Sugar & Addictive Carbohydrates Cessation, and Energetic Reboot (Aura Cleansing). With over 38 years of experience and with a historical success rate of over 90% At the Center, people are treated by a unique, natural system. Proudly, until today, more than 150,000 people have been successfully treated by us.

The Abrahamson Center’s program for smoking and sugar and addictive carbohydrates cessation combines an explanatory discussion, cleansing, and energy balancing by a non-invasive, non-touch process developed by Ehud Abrahamson. At the Center, the process simply works – most of those treated clients have been cured of their addiction after one treatment!

The great advantage of the Abrahamson method is that it is the only method that deals with both impulse and desire. The method is completely natural, based on the holistic understanding that the body, mind and consciousness are a unit.

In all the comparative and independent tests conducted in Israel, the Abrahamson method proved its effectiveness, and the last study of the wisdom of the masses of July 2018 determined that Abrahamson is the best and most important institute in Israel in treatments from nicotine and sugar and addictive carbohydrates addictions.

We are currently expanding throughout the world and we have 19 centers all over the world.

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