How to quit smoking with the Abrahamson Method

At this moment, 1 billion people are using cigarettes or e-cigarettes to smoke and get “relaxed.” Every minute, one person is diagnosed with cancer-related to smoking habits. Sadly, most of these people will never know how to quit smoking to live healthier lives. At this point, before you continue reading, ask yourself: Do I wanna be the change that needs my life? If the answer is yes, read the full article.



Why is smoking damaging my life? 



Well, not only the cigarettes or e-cigarettes are damaging your life, it’s the habit too. The main problem is that people usually seek to smoke when stressed or anxious, which is the most enormous wall to break down. 



When you smoke to reduce stress, you are sending a clear message to your brain that pressure is equal to smoking to feel relaxed. It is difficult to go back at this starting point because you are not trying to heal what makes you stressed,



Then, how to quit smoking with the Abrahamson Method? 



The Abrahamson Method works on your aura in the electromagnetic field of your body. This particular aspect makes it a 100% natural treatment. This therapy is based on 3 phases: 



Therapy: our therapists heal your aura by imposing his hands without touching you and involving energetic stones to canalize your energy. This method allows your energy to be clean and balanced, so you don’t feel the urge to smoke. 



Follow up: Our follow-up team will be just one phone call away to help you if you find yourself struggling with abstinence. However, most people just need one session to stop smoking easily.  



Maintenance: To keep your aura clean, you need to wash your energy regularly as you shower every day. Our energetic field needs to be clean and balanced.



Our therapists are trained in Israel by Ehud Abrahamson, the creator of the Abrahamson Method. The treatment lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Most people leave the center without the urges of smoking that previously they were dragged into constantly and could not help themselves.



What makes this treatment different? 



Our method combines sciences like psychology, chemistry, biology and medicine, and alternative medicine of ancestral civilizations. This secret sauce allows us to have a historical success rate of 90%. 



We have a follow-up team to help you.



As part of a complete treatment, we also have a team of wellness advisors who will guide you and help you if you feel that there is abstinence. You can contact them whenever you need it, whether by phone, WhatsApp, email, or more practical for you. You’ll receive important information, tips, suggestions, solve doubts, share your achievements, and more.



How can you contact us? 



More than 150 thousand people have stopped smoking with us. You just have to click here and fill the form to be a part of them. 


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