The importance of keeping our energy at optimal levels

The speed with which we live today, the constant external stimuli, stress, pollution, environments and toxic relationships, physical and chemical imbalances, each time cause our body to deteriorate more rapidly.

 The feeling of tiredness, exhaustion and disconnection are present and the ability to act in the face of daily challenges, it seems that we are not always at the level of what is needed.

Our body is the team we have to face daily challenges and projects that we draw, but not feeling 100% keeps us from achieving better results.

It is not enough to keep our physical body with good food and exercise. Thoughts and attitudes also influence and beyond, impact our most subtle aspect, which is known as the electromagnetic field, biofield or better known as aura.

If you worry about always having your cell phone charged or your car with a full tank of gas, why not think about dedicating yourself, too, to maintaining your optimal energy levels?

Just as our body is depleted, deteriorated or diseased, the electromagnetic field is distorted, overloaded and generates imbalance in the whole system, only as we commonly do not see it we think that it does not exist or worse yet that there is no need to take care of it.

Reboot is a non-invasive treatment that cleanses the different layers of that subtle body that is compromised with our daily lives and with our surroundings. During the process people can feel lighter, more optimistic and even with a clearer look in the face of a situation that worries them. For others it may be an experience that moves many aspects that you thought you had resolved and that it is time to take action in front of them.

Undergoing a reboot is to give importance to what it means to have an energy that is in constant motion and fluidity, is to stay recharged and more energetic. It’s like taking a fresh shower after a long day.

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