Should I say "no more" to my favorite food?

Many people get scared when making the decision to eat healthy. The first question that comes to mind is now I have to give up my favorite food?

The answer is easy. Do not! Healthy eating is based on balance. You can enjoy your favorite foods, just prepare it with the most natural ingredients possible and reduce the high content of calories, fats or additional sugars. The key then is to eat them only occasionally and balance it with more physical activity.

We will give you three tips when making your favorite meals that will help you:

Consume them less frequently

If you normally consume these foods every day, reduce the frequency once a week, once a month. That way, you will reduce the calories you eat by not eating food as often.

Eat smaller portions

If your favorite food is high in calories like a chocolate bar in the afternoon, you should consider eating it in small portions. If you consumed a bar, now you will have to try to have a bar last for at least 10 days and then consider eating it every month.

Try a version with fewer calories

Use low-calorie ingredients or prepare it in another way. For example, if the recipe for macaroni and cheese that you use whole milk, butter and natural fat cheese, try to prepare it with nonfat milk, less butter, low-fat cream cheese, fresh spinach and tomatoes. Just remember that you should not increase the size of your portions.

The important thing is that you can find a way to include almost all foods in your meal plan. Consider after reading this that the key is to be constant and always take healthy choices in your diet. If you always choose healthy options, you may eventually have better eating habits.

Another option you can explore is to find recipes that are easy to make and don’t stress yourself thinking about what to cook and how to prepare it every day.

By thinking positively and concentrating on the foods you can eat, it will help you establish healthy eating habits.