So How Can You Save All That Money?

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21 June, 2019
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10 July, 2019

You can spend your whole life paying for your smoking habit, or you can choose to eliminate it. The choice is yours:

Look at it this way, a pack of cigarettes is about $7. This means you can be spending at least $50 a week just to smoke a cigarette. This adds up to $2,600 a year and almost $30,000 over 10 years! Not to mention that your health insurance rates will go up between 20-25%.


You can invest $650 in a Smoking Cessation treatment at the Abrahamson Method — A 100% natural and drug-free energy-based treatment that will take away your urge to smoke. Most people only require one session to start a healthier lifestyle, and with a 90% historical success rate, that means 9 out of 10 people will succeed.

The money you save can be used towards that house you’ve been wanting, that vacation you always wanted, or buying something nice for your loved ones, or for yourself!

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