Feeling Low Energy? Our Environment is Affecting Our Energy Levels

Living in the modern, fast-paced world is taking its toll. People are constantly bombarded with a non-stop influx of information, stimuli and stress. These influences can have dire effects on our energetic well-being and on our overall mental and physical health. It is very important that we learn and take the time to slow-down, detaching […]

Adamari López quits her Sugar Addiction with the Abrahamson Method

Adamari López tells how she, definitely, takes away of her addiction to sodas. The presenter decided, for her health and her family, to start a healthier lifestyle and visited Abrahamson Center to stop eating sugar and addictive carbs. “I knew that I needed to put it aside, but I didn’t take action on it and […]

Adamari López Quits Her Sugar Addiction with the Abrahamson Method

Adamari López venció el azúcar con el Método Abrahamson

Leaving unhealthy habits behind can be very difficult for people, but host and actress Adamari López set out to defeat her soda addiction and achieved it through an effective method. Adamari learned about the Abrahamson Method through her producer, who encouraged her to try it. At first, the host was skeptical, since she believed that […]