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Conquer Your Nicotine Cravings

In Just a Single Session!

The Abrahamson Method is the only treatment of its kind that takes away your cravings. Most of our clients quit within the first session, with more than a 90% success rate!

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Overcome Your Addictions with Just a Single Session!



Eliminating smoking from your life with ease!

Under the guidance of our well-trained therapists from the Abrahamson Center Institute in Israel who will mentor you in the Abrahamson Method – a treatment that helps you eliminate the withdrawals you struggle with through our unique energetic approach!

The treatment lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and is available to paying members around the world. Unlike government rehabilitation centres, Abrahamson Center offers a more in-depth and after session service. Most people leave the center without any of the nicotine craving that they previously struggled with.

Our holistic method gives you the freedom to live without nicotine dependency replacements such as nicotine patches or other temporary replacements.
The Abrahamson Center’s smoking cessation treatment combines an informative talk, cleansing and energy-balancing approach using Ehud Abrahamson’s non-invasive, non-touch methods.

The majority of individuals treated have been cured of their addiction after just one session!

The Abrahamson approach has the distinct advantage of being the only method that addresses both impulse and desire. The method is entirely natural and based on holistic methods that the body, mind and awareness are all interconnected.

The Abrahamson method has proven effective in all comparative & independent tests conducted in Israel. In most recent studies from the wisdom crowd held in July 2018, it has been declared the most effective method in treating nicotine addiction permanently.

With over 38 years of experience, Abrahamson Energetic Wellness center has changed the lives of millions of people struggling to quit smoking on their own. We currently have 19 locations worldwide and expanding rapidly.

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Our Professional Wellness Monitoring Plan includes:

  • Our Advisors contacting you periodically.
  • Sending you information of interest and recommendations.
  • Consistently helping you in everything you need to implement healthy lifestyle habits.
  • You can contact our advisors whenever the need be, whether by phone, WhatsApp, email or as is more convenient for you.
  • You will have access to Abrahamson Club where you will be part of our community.
  • You will be receiving important information, recipes, suggestions, tips, solve doubts, share your achievements and more.
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The Abrahamson center’s founder is an expert in addiction recovery as well as being an international lecturer on personal development and self-improvement.

Once serving as a combat medic and instructor in the military, Ehud questioned how he might combine the two professions to benefit individuals. While Ehud studied biology at the University in Tel Aviv, he was simultaneously working to get his psychology degree at University in Haifa. Studying and practicing holistic medicine ever since.

Abrahamson Institute

The Abrahamson Wellness Center is a rehabilitation center specializing in helping nicotine-dependent individuals quit smoking.

They help their clients with smoking cessation in order to enable individuals and their loved ones live a happier, smoke free lifestyle.

Ehud Abrahamson – Founder

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The Abrahamson Method’s great advantage lies in the fact that this is the only method that addresses the source, our cravings.

The method is completely natural, based on the holistic understanding that body, soul, and consciousness are a single unit.

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