4 Ghosts that appear when you Stop Smoking and How to Beat them

For some people who have decided to quit smoking on their own, it is possible that they’re facing short-term situations, especially those who have smoked a lot for several years. These temporary changes may result in nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms or the 4 most common ghosts associated with quitting are: Nicotine cravings (nicotine […]

Emotional Nutrition: Not only the body is nourished but also the Soul

Nutrición Emocional

It’s not always about losing a few kilos or seeing yourself in a more slender figure. Also, it is necessary to avoid the stress or toxic charges physical and emotional. Many foods can bring us well-being and harmony especially in times where “emotional hunger” is present. We do not always eat by hunger. Also, we […]

Adamari López quits her Sugar Addiction with the Abrahamson Method

Adamari López tells how she, definitely, takes away of her addiction to sodas. The presenter decided, for her health and her family, to start a healthier lifestyle and visited Abrahamson Center to stop eating sugar and addictive carbs. “I knew that I needed to put it aside, but I didn’t take action on it and […]

Sugar is not the Candy of Life | Health Effects of Consuming Sugar

More and more people are being diagnosed with depression. Several studies detect that different types of diets with high levels of sugar can produce depression and anxiety. A diet sugar low is important to prevent and treat mental health common problems. Sugar can increase the risk of depression by contributing to insulin and leptin resistance. […]

The Short Term Benefits of Quitting Smoking

If you are looking to quit smoking and you succeed, you will be improving your health dramatically and potentially saving your life. Although the long-term benefits of quitting are especially attractive, there are plenty of short-term benefits to quitting that can motivate you to decide to quit.  According to the American Cancer Society, within minutes […]

Stop Sugar Cravings: Green Foods to the Rescue

Stop Cravings Green Foods to the Rescue

Sugar Cravings Sugar cravings are something we can all relate to – once you start, it is hard to stop. Sugar is an addictive poison called sucrose. Food companies put sugar in most processed food, which of course keeps the market addicted and consuming their products. Research has found that sugar consumption correlates with the […]

Quit Smoking e-cigarettes – The Bait and Switch of Tobacco Companies

Many smokers have switched to electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking regular cigarettes. Although there are advantages to having quit regular cigarettes, the long term effects of smoking electronic cigarettes is still unclear. One thing is for sure, electronic cigarette smokers are still addicted to nicotine and are exposed to a host of other […]