Should I say “no more” to my favorite food?

Many people get scared when making the decision to eat healthy. The first question that comes to mind is now I have to give up my favorite food? The answer is easy. Do not! Healthy eating is based on balance. You can enjoy your favorite foods, just prepare it with the most natural ingredients possible […]

Feeling Low Energy? Our Environment is Affecting Our Energy Levels

Living in the modern, fast-paced world is taking its toll. People are constantly bombarded with a non-stop influx of information, stimuli and stress. These influences can have dire effects on our energetic well-being and on our overall mental and physical health. It is very important that we learn and take the time to slow-down, detaching […]

4 Ghosts that appear when you Stop Smoking and How to Beat them

For some people who have decided to quit smoking on their own, it is possible that they’re facing short-term situations, especially those who have smoked a lot for several years. These temporary changes may result in nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms or the 4 most common ghosts associated with quitting are: Nicotine cravings (nicotine […]

Emotional Nutrition: Not only the body is nourished but also the Soul

Nutrición Emocional

It’s not always about losing a few kilos or seeing yourself in a more slender figure. Also, it is necessary to avoid the stress or toxic charges physical and emotional. Many foods can bring us well-being and harmony especially in times where “emotional hunger” is present. We do not always eat by hunger. Also, we […]