What Happens After You Quit Smoking?

There is no question that smoking is bad for you. For those who have been smoking for years, you may have forgotten what it was like to be smoke-free. Luckily, even if you are a long-time smoker, it’s still possible to reverse the effects of the chemicals that have been released in your body.

After you quit smoking, you may experience the results in less than 30 minutes — Let us take you through the journey of what it will be like once you start your journey toward a smoke-free lifestyle!

20 minutes after you quit.

You can feel your blood pressure and pulse returning back to normal and you are less at risk of getting a lung infection!

8 hours after you quit.

Say goodbye to the excess carbon monoxide you have been consuming and hello to oxygen! Your tissue and blood vessels will finally get the nourishment they need as you oxygen levels continue to increase.

1 day after you quit.

Congratulations! You are now less at risk of a heart attack. Your veins and arteries are less constricted, your oxygen levels have increased, and the nicotine in your bloodstream are becoming less and less.

2 days after you quit.

Do you smell that? Do you taste that? It’s your senses coming back to life. It’s been so long you might have even forgotten how strong your senses could be!

3 days after you quit.

Take a deep breathe because now you can! Do you feel yourself breathing easier and easier as your lung capacity continues to improve?

1 week after you quit.

If you made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back because it isn’t easy! Your chances of quitting for good are 9 times higher now.

2 weeks after you quit.

Not only can you breathe easier, but now you can walk easier too — Your improved circulation and oxygenation are giving you the energy you need!

1 month after you quit.

By now, your overall energy should be heightened. You’ve been able to walk better, but now it’s time to run! Any smoking-related symptoms should be decreasing, such as sinus congestion and shortness of breathing during exercise.

6 months after you quit.

At this point, you may find yourself being able to better handle stressful situations without having the urge to smoke. And as your airways become less inflamed from the smoke and chemicals, any mucus and phlegm you have been coughing up should be decreasing.

1 year after you quit.

You’ve made it this far and that is already such an accomplishment. Your lungs have been through a lot, for the better this time, with dramatic health improvements. Not only that, but think of all the money you have been saving not giving in to your smoking habits. You have been 1 year smoke-free and there is many more to come with even more benefits!

You see what can happen after just 20 minutes to a year of being smoke-free. A decision you make today can change your entire life. With the Abrahamson Method, we can eliminate your smoking habit in just one session!

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