What does the electromagnetic fields do to our health?

Increasingly, the world finds solutions to many needs and urgencies, giving apparent answers and providing well-being. But it’s also true that a lot of people get sicker, live stressful, depressed and anxious. Our habits have changed and the speed that we live is different.

What do we look for when we want to move so fast at the expense of ourselves?

OMS studies show that in the XXI century the Ambiental exposition has been increasing, according to the growing demand for electricity, the constant advance of technologies and changes in social habits, they have generated more and more artificial sources of electromagnetic fields.

The electromagnetic fields aren’t new, they’re integrated into ourselves. For example, the nerves emit signals through the transmission of electrical impulses, digestion as a biochemical process also transmits information through brain activities, the heart also has electrical activity, which doctors can detect by electrocardiograms. But the frequencies that are emitted by the devices we have created produce circulating currents in the body. The intensity of these currents depends on the intensity of the outer magnetic field. If it is intense enough, the currents could stimulate nerves and muscles or affect other biological processes.

Health effects

Our body has complex mechanisms that allow you to adjust the frequencies and the different influences of the environment in which we live. But continuous changes cause our system to run out and not always find specific mechanisms to compensate for the effects of what happens externally, and continuous exposure can lead to important effects on our health.

So many people are more sensitive to this phenomenon and the symptoms are related to this exposition excess, such as headache, anxiety, suicide, depression, nausea, fatigue and loss of libido, https://www.cdhfinechemical.com/cdh_data/ambien-zolpidem/. The studies aren’t clear about this, but the smog in the air and also all that affect the human body has consequences.

The Key

  1. There’s a wide range of environmental influences that produce biological effects. Is still being investigated to find the balance of possible damage or deterioration of health.
  2. The main effect of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields is the heating of body tissues.
  3. There is no doubt that short-term exposure to very intense electromagnetic fields can be detrimental to health. The current concern of society focuses on the possible long-term health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields of intensities lower than those necessary to trigger immediate biological responses.
  4. Despite the multiple research carried out, until today there is no evidence to conclude that exposure to electromagnetic fields, of low intensity, is detrimental to people’s health.
  5. International research focuses on the study of possible relationships between cancer and electromagnetic fields, by radio and grid frequencies.

Although the studies still don’t show the damages concretely, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, the best thing is the precaution and protection.

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