Sugar and its Relationship with Cancer

Did you know that there is a direct relationship between the consumption of sugar and cancer cells?

It is important to know that our body is a complex network of systems, which must be in perfect harmony to live a healthy life, free from disease.

The coherence and complexity of the human organism are reflected at the cellular level. Ordered cells generate health, while disordered cells revert to their most primitive state and give rise to the dreaded tumors. Chaotic or messy cells steal the nutrients from our body and unlike healthy cells, they refuse to die. The chaotic cells defy the instructions given by the mitochondria (organelles that are in charge of the cellular respiration and mark their vital clock) — The reason why they manage not to die in the term in which they should.

Generally, healthy cells know that they must die when they have lived a prolonged lifetime, in order to be able to give space to new cells full of vitality. This does not happen with cancer cells. These malignant cells continue to live and lose their complexity, which means that they can no longer eat healthy fats or sugars. This is why eliminating all types of sugar and addictive carbohydrates from the daily diet are so important to improve diseases, such as cancer.

As cancer cells multiply in our body, they begin to wreak havoc and eventually consumes the host that feeds them — The human body.

Therefore, we must become aware and understand the importance of a balanced, natural diet, free of sugar and addictive carbohydrates to keep our cells healthy and not encourage the proliferation of malignant cells. We must help people who suffer from this pathology, making them see the importance of following a natural diet based on vegetables and fruits.

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