Skin and tobacco, an incompatible couple

Skin and tobacco, an incompatible couple

Did you know that when you smoke your skin pays the consequences? or that among those external factors that contribute to a person appearing older than he is, are sun exposure, smoking and alcohol consumption.

In short, genetic inheritance is not everything when assessing how our skin is or how it will be throughout life.

The experts of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology of Spain published, recently, that genetics only influences 25% in the process of skin aging and that the other three parts of responsibility remain on our part. They ensure that it depends on how we take care of our skin in particular and our organism in general, because, although the collagen degrades naturally as we get older, what causes the formation of wrinkles, smoking makes this happen before.

Today we will tell you some of the consequences that your skin will have when you are a smoker.

  • Tobacco causes vitamin A levels to decrease, resulting in changes in the quantity and quality of collagen and elastin. Hence, the natural elasticity of the skin is reduced as it causes collagen breakage and decreases its production.
  • It can cause skin disorders such as premature wrinkles. The wrinkles of smokers are narrower, deeper and with well-marked contours.
  • Tobacco causes dehydration of the skin, which appears rough, brittle and inflexible.
  • Another cosmetic effect directly related to tobacco is the yellow pigmentation caused by cigarette addiction around the fingers.
  • Smoking also causes healing alterations, since tobacco smoke decreases tissue oxygenation. To this is added the little oxygenation of the cells, which causes the skin to acquire a paleness close to grayish yellow.
  • Additionally, in terms of healing, nicotine causes a decrease in peripheral circulation. Experts explain that carbon monoxide in smoke competes with oxygen for hemoglobin, which decreases the amount of oxygen that reaches peripheral tissues. In addition, it increases the consistency of the blood through an increase in platelet aggregation and the number of red blood cells.
  • Tobacco also produces oral disorders, since nicotine directly affects the periodontal region.
  • Tar is highly irritating to mucous membranes and gums, which increases the risk of gingivitis. In addition, the teeth are pigmented and show a brownish yellowish color.
  • Also, the heat produced in the lips by the consumption of cigarettes or tobacco pipe can cause, over time, lip cancer by repeated microaggression.
  • Experts argue that tobacco also affects areas of the skin that are not exposed to solar radiation, and that the degree of premature aging depends on the amount that is smoked daily.

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It is time for you to make an important decision. Consider that quitting smoking shows in the skin in the medium and long term and that you can not hide that you live with an incompatible partner that deteriorates your health.


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