Is it possible to eat healthy at Christmas?

There are a few days left until Christmas arrives and this is accompanied by a lot of food. We know that to commemorate the date it is customary to meet with the family and celebrate with delicious dishes or even go to a restaurant to eat special food.

However, it is important to maintain a balanced diet, also at Christmas. You may wonder, is it possible to eat healthy at Christmas without giving up celebrations? The answer is yes, and today we give you some tips to do so.

Tips for preparing a balanced menu this Christmas:

Prepare a varied Christmas menu. It’s not necessary to give up the traditional dishes of the holidays to follow a balanced diet. The important thing is that, in addition to consuming the usual Christmas menu, add healthy food options, such as varied salads or vegetables. Also, try to reduce foods rich in saturated fats such as sausages and opt for nuts and fish. For dessert, you can prepare a rich cake without sugars and sweeteners.

Hydrate properly with water. Good hydration is essential for the proper functioning of our body, but above all, it is important not to forget it on these dates. During the holidays we usually choose soft drinks, drinks rich in sugars, beer, etc., which provide excess energy to our body. Do not forget to drink water during Christmas meals. You can also opt for an infusion instead of coffee to promote digestion.

Do not skip any food at Christmas. Surely one year you said: “Since I’m eating a lot today, I won’t eat breakfast.” You cannot do that, the only thing you will accomplish is getting hungrier for the main meal and not eating healthy.

It is important to make the 5 daily meals. Well, this also applies during Christmas. You can make them lighter and eat more fruit. Only by following these eating habits will you be able to reach Christmas food without excessive hunger. Remember to eat slowly and chew the food correctly.

Exercise during the holidays. In addition to eating healthy at Christmas, it is advisable to perform regular physical activity to lead a healthy lifestyle. During the holidays it is important to rest and relax, but that’s not a good reason to put exercise aside. Take advantage of the parties to do family activities, such as going for a bike ride, hiking or rollerblading. If you have to move from one house to another, you can do it on foot; go walking instead of going in your car or a taxi. Remember that it is advisable to do 30 minutes a day of physical activity, also at Christmas.

Keep an eye on the amounts of food you eat this Christmas. During Christmas meals, it is very easy to exceed the amounts (and food always ends up being leftover). The key to not feeling guilty is to eat everything in moderation. One trick to do this is to use medium plates instead of large plates. This will give you the feeling that your plate is full and you will not be abusing the amount of food you eat. Avoid getting up for seconds and thirds. It is important not to finish the meal feeling full or stuffed.

Do not abuse alcohol at Christmas. Alcohol is always present at Christmas parties, but it is not necessary to abuse it. Consuming alcohol can cause the dreaded hangover. Drink in moderation and hydrate with water between a cup and a glass. If you want to reduce alcohol even more during Christmas, you can reserve the champagne or wine for last.

Use glass containers. It is important to watch what you eat, but also where you eat it. It is recommended that the containers you are going to use to store food are not plastic. These usually contain a chemical present in plastics that negatively affect health. Enjoy a non-toxic diet.

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