How to Stay Hydrated

People always say “make sure to drink lots of water,” but what are the benefits of water? Essentially, water is good for your health overall. Your body is made of 70% water, so it is no surprise that you need it to survive. This liquid gold does several things for you, such as clean out your toxins, maintain your temperature, help lubricate your joints, as well as offer a form of natural anxiety relief. But how can we stay hydrated all day, every day? Here are some simple tips:

Use an app to track your progress

If you are having trouble remembering how much water you have already drunk, download an app to help you keep track. There are so many health apps these days that allow you to visually see how much water you have drunk during the day. It is not only useful, but fun to challenge yourself to see how fast you can finish those cups of water. 

Always have water nearby

It’s easier to drink water when you have it by your side all the time. When you are traveling or just running errands, take a water bottle with you. Even leave a cup of water by your bedside, so you know to take a few sips before you go to sleep and when you wake up. 

Drink two cups right when you wake up

If you’re wondering how to have more energy all day, getting enough H20 may just be the key. The general rule is to drink 6-8 ounces of water a day. It really depends on the person, but why not get again right when you wake up? Make it a point to drink at least two cups of water in the morning and you will already be so much closer to your daily water goal! 

Add some flavor

It’s understandable to get bored of drinking water from time to time, but water doesn’t always have to be boring! Stop sugar cravings and just flavor your water! You can mix up the flavor by adding fresh fruit, such as strawberries or lemons. For an extra refreshing taste, pop in a few slices of cucumber. You will get the benefits of water AND fruit at the same time! 

Choose sparkling water over soda

If you find that craving for soda creeping up on you, don’t fret — there is a water substitute for that! Look for some sparkling water to give you that same bubbly satisfaction. Sparkling water even comes in various flavors, so you will never get tired of it. 

Mark your water bottle

Some water bottle are marked by the ounce, but how about measuring your water by time? We’re sure there are water bottles out there that are designed like this, but why spend money when you can do it yourself?! Grab a permanent marker and your water bottle and start marking it by the hour. This way, every time you see your water bottle, you know that you should reach a certain point at a certain time — resourceful and motivating! 

Now that you have these tips to stay hydrated, it’s time to get to drinking! Nourish your body with refreshing water, however you like, and reap all the juicy benefits.

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