Feeling Low Energy? Our Environment is Affecting Our Energy Levels

Living in the modern, fast-paced world is taking its toll. People are constantly bombarded with a non-stop influx of information, stimuli and stress. These influences can have dire effects on our energetic well-being and on our overall mental and physical health. It is very important that we learn and take the time to slow-down, detaching from our fast-paced lives, and allow ourselves to cleanse energetically. If we don’t, many will experience a constant state of low-energy, anxiety or depression, which will at some point manifest into physical symptoms. If you want to stay healthy and charged energetically, this article has some simple tips that can help you re-energize. Below are some common ‘energy suckers’ and how to help remedy their effects so that we can consciously make decisions to change our lives. 

The Cell Phone

Our beloved friend and yet, our worst enemy. National Toxicology Program (NTP) studies found that exposure to high levels of radio frequency radiation (RFR), like that used in 2G and 3G cell phones, was associated with: 

• Clear evidence of tumors in the hearts of male rats. 

• Some evidence of tumors in the brains of male rats. 

• Some evidence of tumors in the adrenal glands of male rats. 

Although the cellphone has made life easier and the world more accessible, it can be damaging both physically and mentally. Overtime, cell phone use affects our tissues, nervous system and also interferes with our brain waves. Most people are addicted to their phones and are unable to spend any time without them. We should all be thinking about how to manage our cell phone time usage better. Yes, using earphones may be able to prevent tumors, but what about our stress levels? 

Our parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for conserving our energy and helping us slow down, can’t do its job when we are constantly overstimulating ourselves with our phones. Do yourself a favor, when you come home from work, put your phone on silent and stick it in the charger. Spend some time without the ‘cell phone distraction’, allow yourself to wind-down from your day for a couple hours – the world probably won’t collapse.

Did you know that people who sleep next to their phones have more interrupted sleep – the cell phone radio waves interfere with our brain waves when we are sleeping. Try sleeping with your cellphone in a different room and see if you wake-up feeling more refreshed.

What about our posture? Cell phone usage and computer usage for that matter, may be changing our posture. Homo Sapiens (which are evolutionarily meant to stand ERECT) will soon be hunched over with protruding necks – have you heard of “text neck” – there is actually a term for this now.

When was the last time you saw someone sitting on a park bench, gazing at the trees, clouds and playing children? Most are too involved with their phones to even notice the healing effects that nature has on us when we pay attention to it. So, to help clean yourself of some of the negative effects that technology has on us – get out into nature, turn off your phones, and be present in soaking in all that mother nature has to give us – this is the most natural and accessible form of healing that we can all access. Try walking around barefoot, connect yourself to our planet’s energy. You just need to make a point of doing this on a weekly basis – you WILL feel the difference.

Energy Vampires

So, although this is a touchy subject, it is important to develop our awareness regarding the effects that others have on our energy levels. No less important are the effects that we impress on others. Certain people will leave us feeling happy, charged and loved while others will leave us feeling depleted, depressed and unsettled. Different people carry with them different energies and not all energies resonate with ours. I am not suggesting you become a social recluse to guard your energy or immediately dismiss people because they rub you the wrong way – often times we have what to learn from these situations. However, we do need to become more discerning about whom we spend most of our time with, as these people will affect us the most profoundly. 

Energy is something dynamic, flowing in and out constantly – if someone is sucking your energy faster than you are able to replenish, serious mental and health issues may arise, https://www.cdhfinechemical.com/cdh_data/xanax-alprazolam/. It is also vital to understand our role in this energetic relationship and what we are doing to contribute to its existence. 

It is important to be close to people that uplift you and support you in life – these people will energetically help you achieve your goals and facilitate your growth and development. If you have an energy sucker in your life, the first step is identifying the situation and seeing what actions you can take to remedy the situation. 

Of course, we should always try to come in peace and with an open and compassionate heart, but also recognize that we need to protect ourselves. It is finding the appropriate balance that will help us lead an energetic and happy life. 

Our Aura

Our Aura, or the electromagnetic field surrounding our bodies, is very affected by our environment. All of our life and day-to-day experiences are reflected in our Aura, including our mental and physical health. There are ways in which we can cleanse our Aura, some of which we can do on our own, like the tips I mentioned above: going out into nature, limiting our use of technology and allowing the ‘right’ people into our lives. 

Another helpful option is turning to energetic practitioners that know how to cleanse people’s Auras. Aura cleansing can help to cleanse negative impressions, alleviate stress and help us rebalance our energy.  It is recommended to get energetically cleansed regularly, which will keep you feeling lighter, more focused, relaxed and balanced. 

May you have an energetically charged day!



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