Adamari López quits her Sugar Addiction with the Abrahamson Method

Adamari López tells how she, definitely, takes away of her addiction to sodas. The presenter decided, for her health and her family, to start a healthier lifestyle and visited Abrahamson Center to stop eating sugar and addictive carbs.

“I knew that I needed to put it aside, but I didn’t take action on it and since I applied the method, from the moment I left there, I see soda or sugar and it doesn’t motivate me to eat it,” she said.

She pointed out that The Abrahamson Method consists of alternative medicine techniques, where they clean and balance the energies to deactivate the receptors that produce addictions.

The celebrity admitted, that at first she was skeptical but knowing that it was a 100% natural treatment, she agreed to do it and is now pleased with the results. “Suddenly I see it, I know I like it and made the decision not to open the soda, not to drink it, not to consume that sugar that hurts me.” She shared her experience in A New Day.

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