A Guide to a Balanced Life

When you think of the word “balance”, what comes to mind? Is it a focused acrobat walking along a tightrope, careful to not fall into the responsibilities and anxieties that await? Finding balance may not be the picture perfect situation that we present to ourselves as the solution to all of our problems. However, there are habits that you can build over time, and attitudes that you can shift in order to get to a point where you can feel the meaning of the word “balance.”

Check in with yourself

This works as a great compliment to an energy healing technique. Checking in with yourself is vital in order to build awareness about who you truly are and what you truly feel. Connecting to your thoughts too strongly or identifying with them will only give you an unrealistic idea of who you are, and it will add to the anxiety or frustration that you already have. Recognize how you’re feeling, and understand that it will pass. Do not hold on to your negative emotions as though you’re attached to them, because you’re not.

Create small but achievable goals

Set goals and plans that you can look forward to and achieve by taking small steps. Setting goals that are unrealistic or very difficult can slow down your progress and make you lose your motivation. Instead, think of a small goal or habit that you’d like to achieve, and little by little you can progress to meeting this goal every day. Over time better habits will be built, and you’ll have more confidence in your ability

Connect with the people around you

Maintaining meaningful friendships and relationships are important for having a balance between the chaos that life can throw at you. Knowing that you can come to a close friend or family remember and vent or express your emotions is key to letting go of tension and anxiety. Sometimes, just having someone to listen to you can lift your mood and be a type of natural anxiety relief, even if it does not solve the situation that you were initially upset about.

Be good to yourself

The way that you think about yourself matters, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Loving yourself is a process, and negative thinking or bringing yourself down is a habit that can build up over time and feel like it’s consuming you. So, smile and understand that no one is perfect, and we all may not show our struggles to the outside world, but we certainly all do deal with them.

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