5 Signs you’re Eating too much Sugar

One of the first foods that advise you to stop eating when you want to eat a healthy diet is sugar. Eating this food in excess is harmful to the body and health. This is because we not only add sugar to food but because of the amount of hidden sugar that many of these contain and we don’t know.

It is important to know that this sweet substance does not provide any kind of nutrients to your diet, so it only has empty calories. In addition, the calories provided by sugar are easy and quick to absorb, so it is difficult to get a feeling of fullness and we can ingest more and more.

Symptoms  you’re eating too much Sugar

General exhaustion. The first symptom you will feel is exhaustion. This happens because the effect generated by the consumption of sugar is comparable to stimulant drugs, because there is a rapid rise in energy, but soon it drops to lower levels and what it causes is to want more. It is here that the majority of the person resorts to sugary sodas and other sweets, starting the cycle again.

Anxiety to eat sweeter. Following exhaustion you will begin to perceive too many thoughts related to sugary foods, which means that you are in a cycle of dependence or addiction. This happens mostly, because of the products that we least imagine, such as snacks or meats, sugar is added, in order to make us “addicted” to that product and consume more. You must learn to Stop Sugar Cravings.

Mood Swings. It’s all part of the addiction cycle, the more we eat, the more we want. This means that when we have just had sweet, we are better and, on the contrary, when we notice its absence, we get angry, http://affectivebrain.com/?attachment_id=5775. According to experts, the variations of anime are linked to any meal and this has to do with the industrial process through which food passes, where most contain a lot of glucose.

Weight gain. Many people wonder why gaining weight happens very fast, but it costs them to lose weight. Well, experts point out that our brain also goes through a process related to the hormones of well-being and, once our mind has obtained the amount of sugar needed to function, the body metabolizes it in the form of fat. What happens is that the pancreas cannot secrete the amount of insulin needed to digest it, the liver catalogs it as fat and that is where weight gain occurs.

Skin problems To digest sugar, a substance called insulin is required. This is a powerful molecule that secretes when the body detects an increase in blood glucose levels. There are many people who have a special sensitivity to it, so that one of the consequences is that your skin begins to dry and flake without remedy. However, when the body has different problems with insulin, it is normal for some type of diabetes to develop.

If you are in a cycle of dependence or addiction we suggest you stop and start reducing sugar consumption to improve your health. There is a method that helps you take away the desire to consume sugar and addictive carbs in a 100% natural way.

The Abrahamson Method may be the solution you need to change your life and make it healthier.

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